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In sintesi gli elementi principali del progetto.

Drawing inspiration from the following vision:

  1. Youth workers can play a strategic role in non formal educational paths for different targets and  in different contexts.
  2. Youth workers need effective tools to play fully their roles.
  3. Youth workers need tools to make learning fun.

NETNET has got two priorities. It is going to:

  1. promoting high-quality of youth work
  2. strengthening education and training paths of youth workers.

To match its priorities, the project is going to design, implement and disseminate a ludic and educational kit (The NET NET kit) composed by a board game and supporting tools (a cartoon video, a video tutorial and  a mini-guide) focused on EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy (equal opportunities for all, discrimination, social exclusion, participation, political rights): a highly flexible and customizable kit, suitable for re-processing and subsequent integrations to be used by youth workers with a wide range of targets (youngsters, people with fewer opportunities, NEETs, drop out students, persons of recent immigration, refugees,adults, senior).

The NET NET kit is going to help youth workers in their role as a multi-target providers of non-formal learning opportunities by which they will be able to empower themselves, their social awareness, their citizenship, with the aim to share with “multicolored” targets an amusing learning process and to explore, as in a learning fun travel, some of the crucial topics of Europe today: EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy topics.

The kit implementation will be improved by the partnership with the support of a multicultural youth worker team composed by youth workers representing, at its best, European multiculturalism and diversity and  selected in each partners country: Sweden,Turkey, Italy and Spain.

Starting from these core objectives, the project profile widens its horizon looking at the world around with the aim to promote a learning by playing/making learning fun methodology able to get positive results with people of all ages and backgrounds, in particular people with fewer opportunity; to experience an alliance between youth workers centers, schools, adult and senior centers, public bodies, private companies, etc. on the focused issues and finally to experience and promote an innovative cross sectorial partnership (two youth centers, one private company, one research institute) able to reinforce the dialogue among highly different, but complementary entities.

The NET NET kit is going to be released as an OER: the do-it-yourself kit, containing suggestions, templates, instructions, will make potential users able to build by themselves a customized version of the game. This action is considered to be crucial in order to get long term benefits and let the project results to be heavily promoted among youth workers and their stakeholders. The project activities will take place over 24 months (from January 2016 to January 2018), in four countries, from north to south Europe: from Sweden to Turkey, passing through Italy and Spain. The partnership has been build as a “melting team” made by complementary competences and expertiees, background and missions in order to achieve a common goal: the willing to contribute to the mainstreaming of the idea that diversity, expressed as EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy, creativity and culture and equal opportunities for all, is a win-win development factor.

The participants to the project, during its whole cycle, are about 350 including also people with fewer opportunities and special needs. The participants will actively take part to the testing phase, to a series of labs in youth centres (involving at least 100 youth workers) and to the multiplier events: a medium to  valorise in a widespread and multi-target network the importance of the high quality of youth work. The multiplier events are expected to host about 200 people including youth workers, teachers, trainers, decision makers, and all the main project stakeholders (local and regional political decision makers, public bodies, NGOs, youth centres, adult and senior centres, people engaged in educational processes, Associations, refugee centres).

Per maggiori informazioni visita il sito di progetto.