Olympic Amager ha organizzato per noi una visita della città molto alternativa. Questi i “luoghi” visitati: Den social rethjælp –Mino Danmark  Frak – Amager juniorklu e Medborgerne

Obiettivo della settimana di studio a Copenaghen è stato l’incontro con organizzazioni e associazioni che si occupano, lavorando con i giovani ma non soltanto, di multi-culturalità, coesione sociale, dialogo fra organizzazioni e persone diverse, in Copenhagen.

Questa la versione in lingua inglese dello short report della visita

Short-term join staff meeting in Denmark 9th-11th April 2019

We are now half way through the project and just finished the second join staff meeting in Copenhagen. The main objectives of this meeting was to visit local NGO’s and organisations in Copenhagen which address the topics of the project and to select two best practices.

Olympic Amager arranged visits a mix of non-profit organisation and public institution, who works with different target groups and in different areas of social sphere.

The organisations we meet

Den social rethjælpDo you need free legal aid or debt counselling?

This is the claim that tells, in short, the mission of the organisation. Made by a group of young lawyers and young law students, the organisation has offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Horsens and provides free legal assistance in the form of legal advice, legal assistance, legal proceedings and financial advice. Den social rethjælp offers telephonic, written and personal advice as well as on outreach visits in several places in the country; it works on the basis of a set of values ​​that are based on the founders and on the volunteers ethical rules and which are essential for the way of providing legal aid. The organisation specially declares it helps people regardless of religion, skin color, language, political attitudes etc.

Mino DanmarkGiving a voice to the people

Founded in 2016, Mino Danmark main purpose is to give a voice to local minorities living in Denmark. The organisation is a democratic-elected one which goal is to empower the people by doing different activism and social awareness activities.

Their two mains activities are the moment are the Mino talks and a online magazine. The first activity is like Ted talks with a difference; the talkers are not experts but normal people who have had some kind of experience in relation the topic Mino has chosen for that day. Their idea is to make inclusive and powerful talks and to empower the participants and the viewers. The second activity is a magazine which touches tabu topics such as the myth of the breaking hymen, homosexuality on muslin young people… the idea is to create a mind-opening tool by reading different perspectives, and with that change the view and the course of this violent and unfair world.

FRAKAre you under 18 and want to work during your spare time?

Founded in 2017, Frak is a non-governmental private organization which aims to help youngsters from difficult and minority background to find a job during their free time (afternoons and weekends mainly). The idea is to empower the teenagers throughout having a first paid job and by spending their spare time in a productive and useful way for them and their communities. Having a job gives them responsibility and it is a great way to mature up and to see the value of things.

During 2018 Frak got 120 youngsters working and this year, they pretend to have the same or a bigger amount. The jobs go from working in a grocery store, to babysitting or cleaning festivals. Experience from the teengers is not required; only motivation and showing their best face.  

Amager juniorklubA space with great facilities for juniors to hang out

Amager junior is open 6 day a week from Sunday to Friday from 18.00-21.30 o’clock. It is a government funded district youth club, which is open to all juniors between 14-17 years old. The facilities are, amongst others, sport hall, computer/gaming room, music/studio room, TV-room. The younger come to club to hang out, meet friends and use the facilities. There are two youth workers every evening and on Sundays they cook and eat together.

MedborgerneA civic alliance that works for the common good: a just and dignified society with room for all.

Medborgerne in Danish means fellow citizens. The organisation is an alliance of local communities on Nørrebro and the Northwest in Copenhagen. It includes different organisations: from schools and housing organizations to churches and voluntary associations. The mission is to solve, together, the local problems that affect all the citizens of the area but which neither of them can solve alone: to create concrete changes, not in spite of, but by virtue of mutual diversity.

To remind you about the project

Youth Worker’s role within Europe’s cultural mosaic is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme in the Youth sector. The project has been selected by the Danish National Agency: it started in February 2018 and will end in October 2019.

Based on shared experiences, knowledge and skills of the partners – Olympic Amager Kultur from Denmark, Bluebook and CSPE from Italy and Asociación Cultural Integra from Spain – the project goal is to identify and define, at national and European level, the skills and experiences required for those who intend to work in the youth work sector. It is aimed to design new methods and tools to stimulate young people’s desire for understanding the many different aspects of culture nowadays in Europe.

The priorities of the Erasmus + program to which the project responds are: social inclusion, empowerment of young people and quality of youth work. The above mentioned objectives are achieved through a series of team working transversal activities that will involve a group of young people from the three partner countries and project staff. The starting point of the activities has been a desk research report, outlined at national level in reference to the overall European framework, aimed at defining the similarities and the diversity of the current paths of preparation for youth work (you can find the results on the project website). Using the report as a basis for subsequent activities, the project envisages the creation of new training materials focused on the theme of cultural diversity in a contemporary perspective that will take into account the different points of view of all those who, at various title, contribute to shaping the current social framework of young Europe.

Up to now, the project milestones have been the following:

  1. Kick off project transnational meeting (April 2018 – Copenhagen – Denmark)
  2. Release of the research (Intellectual output 1)
  3. First short joint term staff training activities (November 2018 – Mileto – Italy)

Next step

Blended mobility is in Spain (La Coruña) in July 2019.