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In collaborazione con l’associazione svedese Kvinnor Soma Sverige e con l’associazione culturale spagnola Integra, dal primo giugno 2016, abbiamo lavorato al progetto: STRIPS on the integration road. 

Vi presentiamo il risultato principale del progetto: una raccolta di quindici vignette, arricchite da un breve commento, per riflettere insieme su codici culturali, stereotipi, pregiudizi, abitudini: le nostre e quelle degli “altri”. Ci auguriamo siano uno stimolo per sentirci sempre meno “altri”…



Il progetto nei suoi elementi principali.

STRIPS project in a nutshell

  • STRIPS full title is: STRIPS on the integration road
  • STRIPS is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic partnership in the youth field – Development of Innovation
  • STRIPS is a project selected by the Swedish National Agency.
  • STRIPS starts on 1st of June 2016 and ends on 31st of January 2018
  • STRIPS is a three partners’ project from Sweden, Spain and Italy – The project partners are: Kvinnor Soma Sverige, Asociación Integra A Coruña, Bluebook LTD.
  • STRIPS project’s team is composed by: Joseph Adams, Maria Osman, Raquel Garcia Aneiros, Guiomar Iglesias Manrique, Noemi Marchionatti, Monica Pomero
  • STRIPS team plans three transnational meetings: the kick off meeting in Sweden – July 2016; the second transnational meeting in Italy – April 2017;  the third transnational meeting in Spain – January 2018
  • STRIPS has got three priorities, one in the Youth field: promoting high-quality of youth work; two Horizontal ones: Inclusive education, training and youth; promoting empowerment, open to cross-sectorial cooperation, and active citizenship of young people
  • STRIPS is a project focused on two main topics: migrants’ issues and EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy.
  • STRIPS directly involves about 250 participants: participants to the preparatory IO1 phase; participant to the IO1 editing phase; participants to the IO1 testing phase; participants to a series of dissemination labs in youth centers and NGOs; participants to the multiplier events
  • STRIPS is going to work on two intellectual outputs: STRIPS on the integration road: a series of comic strips focused on EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy; STRIPS on the integration road: a guide for youth workers.
  • STRIPS schedules three Multiplier Events in January 2018, one in each partner’s country.



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