In partenariato con Lituania, Spagna e Cechia abbiamo iniziato, il primo di settembre 2016, al progetto The ME-commercer: a new VET professional profile for Micro Enterprises. Il progetto, approvato nell’ambito della Strategic Partnership for VET, durerà due anni.

The main project goals are: to design, implement, promote and test, starting from a research at EU, national, regional and local level within the market contest and by a glocal perspective, a professional able to match the training offer and the market needs: a specific professional profile able to help local Micro Enterprises to face the market challenges and to tackle, by a tailored made approach, their marketing needs; to generate new job opportunities for trained young people; to enhance Micro Enterprises market visibility, fostering their entrepreneurship capacity and building strong local opportunities; to tackle the topic by a cross-sectoral approach matching the needs of VET agencies, VET learners and Micro Enterprises; to develop a cross-sectorial partnership to look at the topic by a 360° perspective.